Anton Maliar is a living artist based in Ukraine.

Anton was born and raised near the capital - Kyiv, Ukraine. During his school years, the artist attended an art school for 6 years, where he obtained the fundamental knowledge of figurative art, such as color and composition theory, and learned to draw and paint with watercolors and oil paints. After school, Anton enrolled at Kyiv Economy University where he studied marketing. After graduation, he worked in digital advertising and graphic design.

Starting in 2017 Anton returned to painting and started selling his artworks with leading online galleries. At the same time, the artist improved his skills by taking private lessons with renowned Ukrainian artists. Thereby Anton studied oil portraiture, Byzantine iconography, contemporary airbrush painting, and ceramics.

At this point in his career, the artist focuses on figurative paintings and photography.

On this website, you may purchase original art, photo,s and prints exploring male sexuality.